John and Jordan Cunnings

Homelife Managers

John Cunnings was born in New Hampshire to a military (Marines) family, living up and down the east coast his entire life. He attended Covenant College where he studied business with a concentration in accounting. While working as an accountant and volunteering with his church youth group, he realized he had a passion for working with kids and families.

Jordan was born in Georgia and attended Truett McConnell College, and then The University of Georgia where she graduated with a degree in Child and Family Development. She developed a passion for working with kids/families while working at Camp Winshape in the summers during college.

Both John and Jordan came to Eagle Ranch in 2004—John to work as a Program Assistant in the Peace Home and Jordan to work as an intern. It was there that the they met and were later married in 2006.

John went on to work as an English paraprofessional and PE coach at Eagle Ranch school. Upon graduating college, Jordan went to work for the Eagle Ranch communications team. They began houseparenting in 2008. They served in the Love Home until 2012 and then in the Blessing Home until 2017. They took on the position of Homelife Managers in 2017.

John’s hobbies include: exercise/working out, hiking, coffee and reading, karate movies and a good bowl of Pho. Jordan loves: home design, photography, watching her favorite show “Friends,” entertaining people in her home, going to the beach and Mexican food. The Cunnings have two daughters- Eden (9) and Cana (7).

Eden and Cana love having the special role of getting to welcome new houseparent children into the community. Eden is a creative and super curious. She loves cooking, swimming, playing basketball and singing in the chorus. Cana is gentle and compassionate. She likes playing the piano, playing with her friends, cheerleading and baking.

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