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Jazmyn Williams


Assistant Counselor, Mercy Home

“People come to Eagle Ranch assuming they are here to help the children. I learned very quickly that God placed me here to work on myself. Before Eagle Ranch, I was afraid to let anyone know the real me because it would require the ability to open up about some really hard times in my life. One of those hard times was losing my mother in 2010. I did a great job putting on the perfect facade, and I convinced people that I was alright. In reality, I was struggling. I never truly grieved, and it was during my first two years at the Ranch that I learned how to cope and grieve properly. I am much happier now, and I look forward to sharing my story with people and allowing them in.

Prior to my coming to Eagle Ranch, I had no clue what went into raising children. I had no idea of the hard work and challenges that a parent faces each and every day. However, through training in our meetings led by skilled counselors and therapists to the hands-on- experience with our homes, I have learned how to effectively raise children. I not only get to help parents learn the skills that I have acquired myself, but I get to apply it to my family life later on.

The Ranch community plays a major factor in my love for Eagle Ranch. The people here become more and more like family everyday. I know that I can count on them at any time. It’s a unique environment to have people care for you this much. I truly believe that it is hard finding a community like this in the real world.”

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