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Codi Schutz


Assistant Counselor, Peace Home

Inside Look: Interview with Assistant Counselor Codi Schutz

When did you start working at Eagle Ranch?

“I got to Eagle Ranch in May 2015, but in college I majored in International Studies. I would have never guessed I would be here, but when I got here, I could tell it was God. This is exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Overall, how has the Ranch impacted you?

“Coming in to this place, I first thought I was here to help kids. It’s not only about that, it’s also about me coming in and learning how to be a better husband and a better father. I am here to learn from the kids, as well as to support them. My job is not to change these guys; it’s to mentor them, love them, support them, hold them accountable, and share the love of Christ with them in their journey here.”

How has Eagle Ranch influenced you as a future husband?

“I think that the houseparents I work with —Jim and Jana—have had a huge impact on me as a future husband. They are two completely different people, and two extraordinary people on their own—but when they get together, they’re even more extraordinary.” Codi explained that seeing Jim and Jana and experiencing life with them has helped Codi see what he wants out of his own marriage, “I know that the love that I will share with my wife will be more than just love you can find in the world; it will be something from God. And I think the Ranch is preparing me for that.”

How has Eagle Ranch helped you in your relationships?

“Eagle Ranch has taught me a lot, but especially how to love. It has taught me to be a better friend, family member, father and son… the Ranch has impacted every part of my life.”

How has your relationship with God changed since you’ve been at the Ranch?

“Coming here to this place and seeing all the humility that this place brings was sobering for me. I came here not really expecting to have to work on anything, but as soon as I got here, God allowed me to look back on my life and see all the things He had done. I realized that I didn’t have to put on a front—to act like I was better than I was—to God. I could be the person that I was… I didn’t have to be anyone but myself. Through my time here, I think that my relationship with God has increased tenfold.”

How has the Ranch affected your future plans/career?

“God gives me the freedom to choose. I don’t know if I’ll end up in missions internationally, I don’t know if I’ll end up at a Youth Pastor, I don’t know…but I pray that God will lead me to where He wants me to be, and to the opportunities He wants me to sit in.”

Is there anything else about your story or about the Ranch that you feel is important for others to know?

“I think God allowed me to make mistakes in my own past so that I would be even more equipped for this job. I can connect with the boys who have done a lot of the same things. Also, my father passed away when I was 15, which just happens to be the age of a lot of the kids that are here that might not have fathers. I can use that, too.”

Codi Schutz is an Assistant Counselor in the Peace Home at Eagle Ranch. For more information about Assistant Counselors and job opportunities, click here.

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