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Children and Families

Mowing grass and blowing leaves may not seem like an exciting job to many, but to a young man named Armani Hale, this assignment was special.

Armani is not a stranger to Eagle Ranch. In fact, he is a recent alumnus, having graduated the Eagle Ranch program with his family in May 2018.

“I wanted to make some extra money over the summer, and the Ranch was close to my house,” said Armani. “It was hard work, but being back at the Ranch was comforting. It felt like home.”

Throughout the summer, Armani could be seen throughout the Eagle Ranch campus performing tasks such as weed eating, spreading mulch and pine straw, setting up for events, clearing brush, or other landscaping tasks given to him by Tim Wilson, Director of Facilities.

“Armani always had an upbeat attitude and was happy to be here,” said Tim. “I could tell that he had learned a lot from his time in the Peace Home. Having Armani back at the Ranch allowed us the opportunity to continue to build on what he already learned, but in a different way—this time to instill good workmanship qualities that will benefit him later on in his life.”

Armani is currently finishing high school and working at a local go-cart company. After high school, Armani plans to go into the Navy, Air Force, or become a car mechanic. Life for Armani and his family relationships are continuing to improve after leaving Eagle Ranch.

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