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Wings Initiative

The ‘Wings’ Mission
Recognizing an opportunity to expand its services and help even more children in crisis, the Eagle Ranch Board of Directors established The Wings Initiative in 1997.wings stories

The Wings Initiative is a global initiative of Eagle Ranch to equip others in starting Christ-centered, holistic homes for children and families in crisis. Its focus is to provide information and assistance in the founding or retooling of children’s homes worldwide. This enables Eagle Ranch to significantly expand its reach in the healing and restoration of children and their families.

Wings has helped establish children’s ranches, as well as girls’ and boys’ homes, throughout the United States – and even abroad in Latin America and other areas of the world.

After more than a decade of offering introductory group seminars, we have restructured the program. For individuals looking for the first steps in the process of starting or retooling a children’s home, we now offer information online via a booklet available for download (see link below).

The Wings Initiative continues to provide one-on-one mentoring and consulting services to select groups in the start-up or fine-tuning of children’s homes.

If you would like a copy of “The Wings Initiative Guide to Starting a Children’s Home,” please click here.

Amy Washington

Stories from Our Wings Initiative Partners

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