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35 Years

Eagle Ranch’s 35th Anniversary

As Eagle Ranch prepares to celebrate 35 years of serving children and families in crisis, Founder and Executive Director Eddie Staub shares memories about some foundational landmarks on our now 315-acre campus. These landmarks led the way to the development of a program that has served nearly 2,000 children and their families.

The Old Barn

Nestled toward the back of the property was an old, wooden barn built in the mid-1900’s. The lone testament to human life once being here was the only structure standing…barely. The old barn was starting to collapse a little on itself; it was just enough to keep out the weather… Click here to read more.

The Trinity Tree

One day, I was walking through the woods near the lake and came upon a very unusual tree—a three-pronged, red oak. Tall, old, aged, and beautiful. It’s branches towered down from the sky, bursts of the sun shined through the leaves as they moved with the wind… Click here to read more.

The Chapel in the Woods

Construction on the chapel began in 1992, but as we neared it’s completion, we were over budget by about $40,000, which is what I had budgeted for pews. With our debt-free policy in place, we agreed that we would have to wait on pews and temporarily use metal folding chairs… Click here to read more.

The Road to the Future

Thirty-five years ago, this entrance consisted of a dirt road and a small Eagle Ranch sign nailed to a pine tree sapling. Today, there are fewer dirt roads, our first administration building has been replaced by a larger facility, our 10-acre lake is now full of fish, and we have three athletic fields for our boys and girls. And yet, we are continuing to pioneer… Click here to read more.

A Family You Know

Eagle Ranch boys and girls come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. We partner with their families to help them navigate through whatever crisis they may be facing. Learn how children and their families find hope and renewal at Eagle Ranch. See all Testimonials