Your Support Impacts Lives

Support for Eagle Ranch deeply impacts the lives and futures of boys and girls. It strengthens and renews their families.

Thanks to your faithful support, in 2022, Eagle Ranch was able to:

  • Provide nearly 2,000 outpatient counseling sessions through The Wings Center
  • Hold more than 700 family counseling sessions for residential clients
  • Host 72 parent group sessions
  • Conduct 4 Parent Insight Night events attended by over 250 parents and guardians

“I think about things differently than I had before . . . . I felt encouraged to work hard on my goals.”


“I have learned to trust the Lord more . . . . I believe that God can help me.”


“I started growing and making better choices. I was proud of myself . . . . I still have lots of things to learn, but I am on a good path because of what I have learned here.”


“I learned to speak my mind and talk to my mom about how I really felt instead of just avoiding situations. My mom learned to hear me too. I really feel like things will be different now at home.”


“I can choose to fill my heart with fear and doubt in the Lord, or I can choose to trust Him. I have been reminded of my purpose.”


“I started to realize that other people were hurting too…I realized I needed to stop and listen to other people . . . .”