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Frequently asked questions about Eagle Ranch

How long do the children stay?

The average stay is between 18 months and two years.

Do parents/guardians see their child during his or her season at Eagle Ranch?

Children stay on campus in one of our ten homes during the week and every other weekend to work on behaviors that have negatively impacted his/her family, school performance and personal growth. They go home every other weekend and on holidays to give their family an opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained during Ranch time.

Where do the children come from?

The majority come from the Ranch’s base in Northeast Georgia. However, children have been referred to the Ranch from more than 30 counties within an 80-mile radius of our campus. Referrals typically come from schools, counselors, regional medical facilities, churches, concerned friends or family members and/or the juvenile court system.

What is the cost of the program?

Eagle Ranch serves families in crisis regardless of their financial situation. The majority of our operating budget is funded through contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, churches, and civic clubs.  This independent funding makes our services accessible to many low and moderate income families who might not otherwise be able to afford the type of care we provide. In order to encourage families to be fully committed to their child's care, we do charge a nominal fee which is based on their current financial situation. No family has been turned away because of finances as long as other placement criteria are met.

What are the ages of the children at Eagle Ranch?

Ages range from 8 to 18 for boys and girls in the program. However, children must be 8-15 years old at the time of intake.

What are some of the criteria for acceptance into the program?

  • Entry age of 8 to 15 for girls and boys.
  • Mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems.
  • Minimum I.Q. score of 70.
  • Reside within 80 miles of Eagle Ranch.
  • Parents or extended family must agree to be involved in counseling.
  • Child must be alcohol and substance-abuse free at time of entry.

Where is Eagle Ranch located?

Eagle Ranch is located on 310-acres of wooded land four miles off Interstate 85 in southern Hall County, Georgia, about 50 miles north of Atlanta. Actual Address: 5500 Union Church Road, Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542

How is Eagle Ranch different from other children’s homes?

Eagle Ranch is not solely a custodial or residential program. Working with both the child and family members, our program uses an integrated approach that models home life, emphasizes education, incorporates individual and group counseling, and is built on Christian principles. Our aim is for renewal: of the child’s individual purpose and identity; of positive relationships among family members; and of hope for a more promising future for everyone we serve.

Do you receive any public funding?

Little to none.

How are my donations used?

Donations to our general operating budget enable us to provide a home for nearly 70 children, operate our SACS accredited, on-campus school and provide professional counseling for all of our children and their families .

Where do you get your money?

Almost entirely from private sources, which include individuals, corporations, foundations and churches.