— Chapter 4 —

“Things seem to be getting better,” Cory thought, walking back home with his housemates after swimming at the pool. “Kind of.”

The last few years held many fond memories for Cory. He and his brother Roley were growing closer. Even their youngest brother, Cody, had come to the Ranch.

It wasn’t perfect, though. Cory and his brothers were still acting out, still pushing back against the rules and testing boundaries. But they were healing, one broken piece at a time—they knew it deep down.

Walking in the front door of the Faith Home, a familiar face smiled down at the group of boys. It was Eddie Staub—or Mr. Eddie, as they called him—the man who started Eagle Ranch.

Cory grinned. “I wonder what story he is going to tell us tonight,” he wondered, rushing to his room to change out of his swim trunks.

Some of Cory’s favorite nights at the Ranch were when Mr. Eddie came to their house and shared stories. For some reason, Cory was drawn to him. Maybe it was his height, or in the way he carried himself, his gentle and humble nature—he wasn’t sure.

Mr. Eddie began talking as the boys gathered around him in the living room. Cory was locked in on his every word—Mr. Eddie always told stories he could connect with. Typically, he mixed in a devotion with some Jesus stuff. Sometimes Cory made the connection, sometimes he didn’t, but he always loved the stories.

“Bye, Mr. Eddie,” Cory said with a wave as the tall, quiet man walked toward the door.

“Good night, Cory,” Eddie said, “I hope you remember my stories.”

Cory nodded, unaware of the future impact these stories would have in his own marriage, in his own family, with his own children. 

Cory (bottom row, left), pictured with his brothers Cody (bottom row, second from left) and Roley (bottom row, fourth from left) with other boys from Eagle Ranch, attending WinShape Camps.


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