Working with younger children

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Did you know Eagle Ranch works with children as young as 3rd grade?

Typical circumstances for younger children and their families who come to Eagle Ranch:

  • No significant long-term progress despite treatment (counseling, medication, behavior modification)
  • Multiple issues are present with no clear solution
  • Behavior stops for a while but returns or changes into something else
  • Defiance with parents, family members and/or school officials
  • Trauma early in life (abuse, abandonment, etc.)
  • Regressing developmentally – baby talk, clingy, temper tantrums, shut down
  • Issues surrounding adoption, blended family, loss of a parent, etc.
  • Issues with poor social skills, hygiene and mild to moderate behavior issues
  • Behavior plans such as: rewards, loss of privileges, time-out do not work very well if at all