Winter 2022


Something about a new year and turning to a new calendar continues to give me a feeling of freshness and potential. I can’t help but think about the opportunities available to the children at the Ranch for restoration and renewal, both personally and within their families.

Thankfully, we worship the God who makes “all things new” and promises to restore and remake all broken things. We hold fast to that promise here at the Ranch.

Children at Eagle Ranch often come with years of broken trust and relationships. This brokenness takes a lot of time and supernatural healing to repair. However, since 1985, Eagle Ranch has existed to bear witness to the miraculous power of the Lord. We have served over 2,000 children and their families and had the privilege of helping them experience the fresh start of renewed and restored relationships.

Our Houseparents play an important role in the healing process. They serve as a critical connection point between the child’s life at Eagle Ranch and their pathway home to their families. As you’ll see in this edition, they make a lasting impact.

We are grateful for your support in this work. We look forward to celebrating more stories of restoration and renewal in the coming year!


John Shackelford
Eagle Ranch Executive Director