Virtual Learning Support

Family Resources

Virtual Learning has become the norm over the last year. With it brings new challenges for parents and guardians…

There are countless tools, resources and strategies available to parents that provide ways to support their student with virtual learning. Our Academic Support Coordinator, Carrie McClain, offers some great advice on our YouTube channel. You can also check out our free downloadable PDFs below:

School day dragging?

Is your student learning from home, but you are struggling with how to map out your day to create the best learning environment for your child? Check out a sample schedule on how you can break up your day when your child is learning from home – click here.

School from home, but you’re at work?

Virtual schooling your child can be hard – especially when you work outside of the home. Do you have the support and resources you need to help your child be successful? Check out our tips for parents – click here.

School time? Free time? Family time?

How do you define each one? It can be confusing for children when their home becomes their learning space as well. They may not understand how to act when it is time for school. To avoid this, you can set expectations that detail the difference between relaxing at home time and acceptable school-time behavior. For a free download on how to avoid this struggle, click here.