Tre’s Story

Success Stories

Tre’von Marshall was just entering his tween years when his world came crashing down. His father was murdered, leaving behind Tre’, his mom and little sister. At first, Tre’ shut out the pain. Within the year, however, darkness crept in and overtook his life. His future as a rising star football player wasn’t the only thing at risk.

“My dad was shot and killed when I was 12. My dad and I did everything together. He worked hard to provide for me and my sister, and he just wanted the best for us,” recalled Tre’. Everything was going okay at first, but then I just lost it. I didn’t care about school. I didn’t care about football. I didn’t care about life anymore. I did what I wanted to do.”

Tre’ began acting out against his single mom. He began testing his limits with the law and was heading for jail or worse. Scared she might end up burying her son next to her husband if things didn’t change, Tre’s mother reached out to Eagle Ranch.

“Trey and his father were very, very close. The way he died was devasting. One day you have your father, and you wake up the next day and you don’t,” said Tre’s mom, Crystal. “The absence of his father caused Tre’ to act out. I understood it, but at the same time I knew he could not continue going on the path he was going, because it was a destructive path. Had Tre’ not come to Eagle Ranch, he would have ended up in jail or dead.”

A Sense of Peace

Crystal was worried about sending her son to live away from home, relying on others to help.

“When I pulled up to the Ranch, I said, ‘This is a beautiful place.’ When I met everybody, the staff was very nice and actually took the time to explain the program to me and show me around the campus. It made me feel comfortable in actually putting Tre’ at the Ranch. It gave me a sense of peace.”

Crystal appreciated the support she received from Eagle Ranch.

“So many people you try to talk to about what you’re going through don’t seem to understand it, and you can’t really explain it,” said Crystal. “In coming to the Ranch, there are people who actually know and deal with what you’re dealing with, so it’s so much easier to talk to someone and get solutions because they have experienced it.

The houseparents and counselors give you different solutions on how to get through certain situations and issues. That helped me tremendously.”

Positive Change

During Tre’s time at Eagle Ranch, Crystal began to notice changes.

“I saw things going in a positive direction for Tre’ when he would come home for the weekend, which was every other weekend. I would tell him to do something, and I wouldn’t get attitude back. I wouldn’t get the stomping of the feet. At one point, I looked at him and asked, ‘Are you okay?’ I realized the Ranch was really working.”

After initially doing all he could to shut others out, Tre’ realized the opportunity he was given.

“I finally asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this? What’s the point? You’re just digging a deeper hole for yourself.’ So, I just did the right things. I didn’t want to hurt my family anymore,” Tre’ said.

“Eagle Ranch was an opportunity to be successful as a young man, to transition into being a man and use that time to learn. The staff helped me cope by talking to me and letting me know what I need to work on at home and in life in general. It helped a lot.”

A Dream Restored

“Tre’ was at Eagle Ranch for two and half years,” Crystal said. “During that time, we both grew. The Ranch helped me learn how to be a single parent to Tre’ and his sister. It’s changed our whole family’s life.

Eagle Ranch has saved Tre’s life. He was on a dark path that seemed like a point of no return. The Ranch was instrumental in him changing for the better. He has a dream of playing college as well as professional football. That dream is now possible because he is on a better path.”