The Joy House

Success Stories

The Blessing of Wisdom

By Steve Lowe, Executive Director, The Joy House

In 2004, The Joy House began building a relationship with Eagle Ranch, and it is hard to count all the ways we have benefited since that time.

Most importantly, Eddie Staub has provided wisdom and counsel throughout our development from his perspective of leading a similar ministry. He and the Ranch staff have walked successfully through so many of the issues that we face. Having the Ranch as a resource is a great blessing to us.

On a practical level, the Ranch has provided training on running an honor and memorial program, walked us through state licensing, and shared how the program works with homelife, counseling and a school. Eddie meets with me almost quarterly and always provides valuable insights, particularly in the area of development.

From our humble beginnings in a leased facility we now have a 28-acre campus that includes a girls’ home with administrative offices on the terrace level, a boys’ home with our school on the terrace level, and a counseling center. All of this growth has been accomplished debt-free.

We have been able to share Christ’s love with over 90 teens and families through our residential program. We are now ministering to many other families in our North Georgia community through our counseling center.