The James W. Webb Wings Center

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Helping Our Community Soar

Eagle Ranch will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2020 with eyes on the future: We are expanding our program. The Eagle Ranch Board of Directors recently approved the development of a 10,000 square-foot facility named in honor of late board member Jim Webb.

Jim left an indelible mark on Eagle Ranch. His deep love and concern for the children and mission of the Ranch led to over three decades of service on the Board of Directors. His counsel, mentorship and caring will continue to influence and benefit Eagle Ranch for years to come.

“God is leading us into a whole new place in the lives of people who will be forever touched and changed. There will be so much fruit. This is really the high point of my life – no question about it. Of all the things that God has ever allowed me to do, to be a part of, Eagle Ranch stands alone.”

Jim Webb, when told the Wings Center would be named in his honor

As a beacon of the future for Eagle Ranch, the James W. Webb Wings Center will offer services including:

  • Community counseling services services for children and families
  • Support services and resources for non-profits serving children and families
  • Retreat space to support parents, marriages and ministry leaders
  • Future community needs

Community Counseling Services

Mental health services are among the most rapidly growing needs in the North Georgia area. Eagle Ranch receives numerous calls each month from families seeking help for a child, and in some cases, residential services are not the best fit but family-focused counseling would be of assistance. Additionally, the center will provide Continued Care counseling for our families after a child returns home, as well as individual and marriage counseling.

A Home for the Wings Initiative

The Wings Initiative was founded in 1996 to help start or retool other children’s programs and non-profit organizations both domestically and internationally through sharing best practices. The Wings Center will serve as home for this initiative, providing working space, support services and resources.

Other Services

Eagle Ranch’s beautiful campus and rural setting are an ideal environment for rest and renewal. Providing space for retreats to support parents, marriages, and ministry leaders helps reinforce and expand Eagle Ranch’s mission to make life better for children, families, and ultimately our community.

If you are interested in contributing to the James W. Webb Wings Center, contact Kelly Brewer at 770-967-8500 or Friends and family of Jim Webb, click here.