Tania and Jean-Marc

Success Stories

Jean-Marc quote

“When I first came to Eagle Ranch, I believed that my mom was all I had. But after time, I realized I was in a good place at Eagle Ranch. I started trusting my Houseparents and started making real relationships. I started to think more independently. I stopped being afraid to try new things to make myself a better person. I know Eagle Ranch helped me a lot and I’m gonna miss it but I’m proud to be graduating.”


Tania Bosue had the American dream – get the corporate job, get married, buy the house and have the kids. All that would bring her happiness, right?

Tania was on track to check all the boxes. She found her “dream job,” got married, and had her son, Jean-Marc. She was headed in the direction that she believed would bring her satisfaction, so she waited for it. And waited . . . and waited.

That day never came. Her weeks were spent working 12-14 hours a day. She found that her husband didn’t share her dream, and her marriage crumbled. Tania was drowning in her struggles. “I was looking for success in all the wrong places,” she recalled.

She took Jean-Marc to counseling at the young age of 3 because he was constantly acting out in daycare. As he grew older, Jean-Marc’s behavior worsened. Life at home was filled with frustration and anger as mother and son fought and argued on a daily basis.

Tania didn’t know what to do – she didn’t have the tools or knowledge for handling a situation like this, and the lack of support in her life left her feeling alone, helpless, hopeless . . . until her counselor recommended residential treatment for her son and mentioned Eagle Ranch.

Jean-Marc was accepted into the Eagle Ranch program when he was 9 years old. Tania placed her son’s life into the hands of people she barely knew. The amount of trust it took at this point was enormous, but Tania knew she had to do something different to help her son.

“I slowly started breaking down. Nothing was working, and in retrospect it was God’s hand on my life. I started praying, and on multiple occasions, I very clearly heard God tell me to humble myself. I did not understand this at first – I wanted to fix it and do it all myself. Once I finally admitted that I needed help, that’s when change began to happen.”

While in the program, Tania and Jean-Marc began to build relationships with their team – their counselor, Michael; their houseparents, Cole and Tess; and their program assistant, Kevin – as well as the numerous teachers and support staff. This team walked alongside her and Jean-Marc, stepping in to help when they struggled and celebrating with them as they grew.

One of the biggest impacts on Tania’s life was the Eagle Ranch community. She had found people who embraced, not shunning, her struggle.

“There were just things I didn’t know how to do as a parent, such as how to connect with my son. I felt shame about that. When I got here and heard other parents had kids that were just like my son, it opened up something for me,” she said. “I was finally surrounded by people who not only understood my situation but did not judge me for it. I had found a place where I did not feel alone, criticized, judged, or ostracized. I felt like I finally had the support I needed.”

Eagle Ranch provided Tania with the support and community she needed to experience success. Looking toward graduation, Tania and Jean-Marc now have the tools and resources they need to continue to be successful.

“I have faith in us—in me and Jean-Marc—that we can make it because we have the skills to do so. Because of Eagle Ranch, we have been healed. We know we don’t want to go back to what was. I’m not the same . . . we aren’t the same. We have transformed.”