Stepping Stones Ranch

Success Stories

One Step at a Time

“Attempt something so great for God, that it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.”

Those were some of the most important words shared by Eddie Staub when Dar Hensley and Danielle Combs attended the Eagle Ranch Wings Initiative in 2010.  The second lesson that became a guiding principle was to trust God by walking in the vision debt free.  They believed in this model as shared by Eddie at Eagle Ranch and combined with the call of God on their lives and the need to transform young lives in Southwest Ohio they were determined to walk in the vision. In 2010, they co-founded Stepping Stones Ranch as a reminder that following God is a life journey, one step at a time.

During the process of opening their first home for girls, Eddie Staub and the ministry of Eagle Ranch continued to guide the journey with sound Biblical principles.  By following these principles SSR has witnessed many miracles including acquiring a 45 acre horse ranch for the first girl’s home.  In November of 2015, the home was licensed by ODJFS and opened. The girls are now provided the opportunity for credit recovery in an individualized academic program, equine therapy, and a place to call home.  SSR believes in the hope of Jesus Christ to reach out to teens and their families to redeem the past, restore peace in their hearts and renew hope for a brighter future, one step at a time.