Seeking Help for Younger Children

Family Resources

My child is still so youngWhy seek help now?

Eagle Ranch works with children as young as 3rd grade. Younger children generally have better long-term success in a program like Eagle Ranch. Their identities are still forming and are not fully influenced by peers, they are usually not as distracted by social media and they are more responsive to authority figures. We recommend intervention before consequences occur that may affect a child into adulthood.

We Create a Partnership with Your Family

Parents and guardians are often hesitant to send a young child to live away from home, but families are consistently involved with children throughout the Eagle Ranch program. Children go home often to be with their families, and parents visit the Ranch frequently. The Eagle Ranch program also provides:

  • Space for the entire family to work through issues created by conflict
  • A treatment team to encourage parents during the process and provide opportunities to strengthen bonds between parents and children
  • A support group of parents who are experiencing similar issues and can provide insight and new perspective
  • Counseling to help each member of the family work through life/family struggles

How do I know if my young child needs help?

Typical circumstances for younger children and their families who come to Eagle Ranch:

  • No significant long-term progress despite treatment (counseling, medication, behavior modification)
  • Multiple issues are present with no clear solution
  • Behavior stops for a while but returns or changes into something else
  • Defiance with parents, family members and/or school officials
  • Trauma early in life (abuse, abandonment, etc.)
  • Regressing developmentally – baby talk, clingy, temper tantrums, shut down
  • Issues surrounding adoption, blended family, loss of a parent, etc.
  • Issues with poor social skills, hygiene and mild-to-moderate behavior issues
  • Behavior plans such as: rewards, loss of privileges, time-out do not work very well if at all

Every situation is evaluated on a case by case basis. We are happy to talk to you about your family’s needs. Please call our office at 770-967-8500 and ask to speak to our Intake Counselor.