Program Audit cites Industry Excellence

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During the Fall of 2014, Eagle Ranch welcomed Tom Woll, a national consultant for agencies and organizations that serve children. With over 38 years of experience, Woll, facilitator of the Strategic Change Initiative, has worked with hundreds of public sector leaders, private agencies and service leaders. Woll spent a week at the Ranch reviewing our program, talking to staff and families we serve to provide a third-party audit of our program. Woll gave high marks to Eagle Ranch. Among the areas he cited as best-in-class are:

Mission Penetration

The spiritual motivation of your staff is commendable. They have a calling for this difficult work.

Overall Treatment Design 

You have an effective way to work with both the youths you serve and their families.

The Value of Working with Families

You have been a pioneer in engaging and involving families.

Promoting a Healthy Community

The quality of staff and the staff-to-child ratio is the top of our industry.

High Quality Facilities & Overall Environment

You have one of the finest facilities I have encountered. The attention to detail is very clear. Your efforts to ensure both functionality and safety are obvious.

Looking Ahead

A key area for growth Woll identified is the Eagle Ranch Continued Care program, which provides continued counseling for families after a child returns home. Woll sees greater potential for offering Continued Care to families for longer periods.