Getting Teens off of Screens

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Getting Teens off of Screens

Video games, YouTube, Texting and TV aren’t just fun activities for teens. They also are a means of escape from stress and struggles. To find out how one teen learned how to turn his attention from screens to the great outdoors, click here.

At Eagle Ranch, we put emphasis on play, sports, and a multitude of outdoor activities to engage our children and help them grow physically, emotionally and socially. Screen time in the homes is minimal: children don’t have access to cell phones, while TV and computer time is earned.

Why does it matter? Screen time is literally rewiring our brains, leading to shorter attention spans, obesity, sleep problems, behavior issues and more. Did you know:

  • 25% of kids under age 6 own a smartphone. Of the parents surveyed, 8 in 10 don’t monitor the amount of time their child is using a screen.
  • The average person touches, swipes, or clicks their phone 2,617 times a day. The top 10% do so 5,427 times a day.
  • The happiest teens use screens less than an hour a day. In fact, the teens who spent more time in face-to-face, in-person interaction with friends were happiest.

Having trouble with screen time in your family? For tips on how to talk to your children about technology and screen time, click here.

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