Mission to the World

Success Stories

Mission to the World (MTW), which has been involved in Haiti for several years, was looking for a way to respond to the dire need that emerged when the country was devastated by a major earthquake in January 2010. MTW partnered with a variety of organizations to build a church and a school and to provide transitional housing.

“As we looked at our partners and assessed our activities, we realized there was still a need for children, who were among the most affected,” said Sam Haupt, Director of Short-Term and Mercy Ministries for MTW. “If Haiti is really going to be changed, renewal is going to come through the next generation. So the success of the children is critical.”

MTW and Eagle Ranch worked together to identify ways to bring the Ranch model to Haiti in a culturally relevant way.  “Beyond food and shelter, we want to provide children a place for spiritual development and emotional healing,” Haupt said.

MTW is sent its Haiti Country Director to Eagle Ranch in 2011 to learn about the Eagle Ranch model. “What stood out to us about Eagle Ranch is its commitment to renewing family,” Haupt noted. “We’re looking for God to transform not just a child’s life, but to renew the institution of family and community.”