Mikayla’s Transformation

Success Stories

When Mikayla came to Eagle Ranch nearly 10 years ago, she was a broken, hurting little girl who had been running away from home, sometimes for days at a time. Her mother was desperate for help for her daughter, and after hearing about Eagle Ranch, Mikayla’s mom moved their family from California to Georgia for her daughter to enter into the program.

Walking into the Blessing Home for the first time at 14 years old, Mikayla met her new houseparents, John and Jordan Cunnings. Little did she know that for the next two years, these two people would become like family to her, pouring out love and encouragement as Mikayla learned how to deal with the struggles in her own life.

“In the moment, it was hard to see the brighter side of all of it,” said Mikayla, thinking back to her time at the Ranch. “John and Jordan made it feel like ‘home.’ I looked up to John. He was an awesome father figure who was caring, but strict when necessary. Jordan was always there for me. I loved them as houseparents.”

After leaving Eagle Ranch, Mikayla fully experienced the benefits of going through the program. Her communication skills improved, and she realized that she now had the tools she needed to keep moving forward in her life.

“In the last 8 years, I went from being a defiant runaway to having a family of my own,” said Mikayla. “Now, I’m married, we have two kids and we own a house. I’m using things I learned from my counselor, my program assistant and my houseparents, applying them to how I deal with my marriage and handle conflict. Eagle Ranch played a big part in my life. I’m grateful and see now the seeds that were planted, how they’re being harvested and used. I learned a lot about how to work on me, which is making me a better parent and a better wife.”