Success Stories

For Mason Harwood, a tough home life and the resulting divorce of his parents plagued his elementary years. Following the divorce, Mason’s mother worked hard to provide for Mason and his sister on a part-time salary, but despite her best efforts, their family slowly began to fall apart.

Uncertain how to cope with all that was happening in his life, Mason struggled with anger and refused to listen to anyone. As his outbursts continued, Mason’s mother turned to Eagle Ranch. For the next two and a half years, Mason’s family found hope.

“I learned a lot while I was in the program, like not allowing things from the past to affect things that will happen in the future. I used to let the issues with my parents affect my entire life, but now I know how to work through those hard situations and have a more positive outlook,” said Mason. “My mom and my sister were both really involved with the Eagle Ranch program while I was there. They are amazing.”

After graduating from Eagle Ranch, Mason returned home to success as the starting kicker for his high school football team. He also worked during his high school years and later took college courses at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural School.

Today, at 24, Mason is currently working full-time for Redico, Inc. as a salesman. He loves his job and has a strong relationship with both his mother and sister.

“Eagle Ranch helped me work through my issues with anger, and I became a better communicator,” said Mason. “Now, I can converse with people, and I am able to be more open.”

These skills have served Mason well. “The Ranch helped me get my life back together. It’s been a long road, and honestly I couldn’t be more blessed. It’s all because of my mom and my sister and Eagle Ranch. I’m finally where I need to be.”