Success Stories

At first, the Ranch was very hard because I did not grow up with structure. I just kind of did whatever I wanted. It was also weird, because I never had a mother or father figure in my life. Everybody that I cared about and loved in my life left.

Being at Eagle Ranch was a blessing. It’s like having a family and people who love and care about you — people who never walk out on you. It was lots of fun being in the Praise Home with my Houseparents, Markie and Daniel, their daughters Aslyn and Brooklyn,and my Program Assistant, Emily. Eagle Ranch taught me how to love and care for people again in a healthy way.

Eagle Ranch is a great support system for whatever you are going through; no matter your situation, they are there for you and your family. The Ranch gives you the chance to experience new opportunities—you learn new skills and everything else you need for life, including your education.

Eagle Ranch helped me grow as a person, but also helped me grow as a woman, little sister, daughter, friend and a future mother.

Madison, 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate