Success Stories

In the first 10 days of September 2007, Kris lost his mom and his grandfather. The next month, two more family members passed away. It was a devastating time for the 7-year-old and his older brother.

Kris and his brother moved in with their Aunt Karen and two cousins, who also were reeling from the losses. As the family worked through their pain, Kris’ older brother Kevin went to a private school, and his cousin, Kodie, came to Eagle Ranch.

Kodie returned home as problems with Kris began to escalate. Unable to express himself verbally, Kris’ frustrations came out through defiance at home and problems at school.

“I was getting constant calls from the school. Kris was flipping over desks and trash cans, breaking pencils. He wouldn’t get on the bus,” recalls Karen. Knowing how much the Ranch helped Kodie, she believed Kris might benefit.

During his time at the Ranch, Kris learned to express himself and emerged as a leader among his peers. “I’ve seen a tremendous change. He now volunteers to help out at home, and he’s not a problem at school,” Karen said.

Her fiancé, Travis, agrees. “He’s a great kid. It’s been a pleasure to be around him and to watch him grow. We look forward to seeing him transition into high school and take what we’ve learned at Eagle Ranch and apply it.”