Kindness Matters

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Kindness Matters

Eagle Ranch School students are learning that it’s better to give than to receive through a new exploratory class called “Random Acts of Kindness.”

“This class is help students shift the focus off of themselves and onto other,” noted Carrie McClain, the class’ teacher and Academic Support Coordinator for the school. “It helps them recognize the reward of serving others, even when there is no ‘payoff’ for them – just as Jesus did for us.”

Recently, the students painted rocks with inspirational words to offer encouragement. The rocks will be hidden throughout Eagle Ranch and in the surrounding community with an invitation on the back for finders to email the Ranch to let us know where the rock was found.

Other class activities have included:

  • Letters of appreciation and gift cards on the cars parked at administration building
  • Letters and Christmas gifts for Counselors and Administration at Cherokee Bluff High School and Chestnut Mountain Elementary
  • Letters and Christmas gifts for Hall County Firefighters
  • Letters and Christmas gifts for Hall County Sheriff’s deputies

“We kicked off the class by writing cards and making gifts. During this activity, the students were a little apathetic. When they delivered the cards and gifts though, the lightbulb went on, and the students were engaged and respectful. They said it felt good to do something for someone else.”

Future activities include opportunities to visit with nursing home residents, deliver handmade blankets to a homeless shelter or other organization in need, and explore opportunities to help neighbors with light yard work.

If you have an idea for an activity the class might consider or would like to help provide funding for the class’ activities, please contact Kelly Brewer at 770.967.8500 or