Kevin and Hope Stipe

Success Stories

Kevin Stipe remembers his youth pastor who went out of the way to reach out to him. “Regardless of what kind of trouble I was getting into, he was a steady friend and just wanted to help.”

That steady presence had a lasting influence. The struggling teen ended up graduating from Auburn, becoming a YoungLife leader, and working for a prominent bank. It was during that time in the late 1980s that Kevin first heard about Eagle Ranch.

“A co-worker introduced me to the Ranch, and then I met Eddie and Kayanne, who went to the same church as me and my wife, Hope.” Kevin and Hope began to support Eagle Ranch early on, and the more they learned about the program, the more they wanted to support it.

“The Ranch speaks into a child’s life during a moment of crisis, and that touched both my wife and I,” said Kevin. “I thought about the sacrifice that people like the Eagle Ranch houseparents make to care for struggling kids.” For nearly 20 years, Kevin and Hope Stipe have given to Eagle Ranch on a monthly basis.

“It’s a small sacrifice for us. Charities like Eagle Ranch need regular, consistent funding. It’s not like we give a lot, but we understand steady funds are useful.”

Eagle Ranch receives funding for nearly 50 percent of its annual budget during the months of November and December. Recurring gifts contribute greatly to the Ranch’s ability to operate throughout the rest of the year. Donors may choose monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or other convenient donation intervals.