Ke’Iri’s Perspective

2022 Eagle Ranch Graduate

I came to the Ranch because I was disrespectful to both my aunt and my great grandmother. I struggled to share my feelings, and my two sisters and I fought a lot. When I first came to the Ranch, things were hard, and I really missed my family.

As the days became weeks, I was glad that I was here but was also missing my family at the same time. I am thankful to my houseparents and program assistant for always being patient with me and kind to me, even when I wasn’t.

While at the Ranch, I learned that things do not always have to be the way I want. Life is not always fair, and I can use different skills to help me remember that. I learned how to understand and share my feelings with others, and also how to validate people when they share how they feel. I am a much better communicator and more open to listening to other people.

Another benefit to being at Eagle Ranch is that I grew spiritually. I have learned how to believe that God can help me through anything.

I am excited to be back home with my family. I get to hang out most with my younger sister Ke’Miri.We attend the same elementary school, ride the school bus together, and share a bedroom and bathroom. After high school, I plan to go to college and become an anesthesiologist. One day, I hope to get married and have a family of my own.

I am thankful that the Lord brought me and my family to the Ranch. We are forever changed and very grateful.

Delise’s Perspective

Ke’Iri’s Aunt

Our family has changed since being in the Eagle Ranch program. There is less chaos and much more peace at home.

Ke’Iri has grown and matured so much while being at Eagle Ranch. She has excelled in her studies at Eagle Ranch School by being on the A/B honor roll, receiving minimal infractions and making good choices. She developed into a strong leader and example to the other girls in the Mercy Home.

Ke’Iri has learned to share her feelings and emotions, and apologize for her mistakes or when she is wrong. She understands her triggers, our family dynamics and the role she plays in our family. The change that has occurred in her because of all this knowledge is profound.

By far, her greatest success while being at the Ranch was her spiritual growth. Ke’Iri accepted Christ in 2019, and then was baptized in 2021. This was such a testimony to her faith, and we know that Ke’Iri loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul. She now wants to live for Him and please Him, with her heart and life vividly reflecting God’s love.

Eagle Ranch is an exceptional program. The entire family – both the child and the parent/guardian – will benefit from the work done there. Eagle Ranchprovides tools that will help you to raise Godly, respectful children. The houseparents, program assistants, counselors, teachers and other staff members will love your children unconditionally, as they did ours, and will treat them and your family as if you are their own family.