Success Stories

Jillian, 14, is a current resident at Eagle Ranch. She wrote this poem as part of an assignment at Eagle Ranch School.

A New World

A whole new world appeared in front of me,
As a black truck drove away,
A cold heart broken to pieces inside of me,
As that black truck took my parents away.

I started to cry and held it back,
Before the tears could flow,
A kind lady walked outside to me,
And told me to let tears go.

I shook my head and said I was fine,
But she knew it wasn’t true,
She led me inside to my housemates,
We laughed, but my tears weren’t through.

We had so much fun that first day,
That night was something to enjoy,
We laughed and learned about,
The Eagle Ranch rules and way.

I lost my tears when we went to bed,
And smiled and thought before I dreamed,
When I thought about my parents,
And knew it wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed.

I thought about my homelife before,
And how rocky and tough and heartbroken it was,
I thought about how it was going to change,
And knew it was because of God’s undying love.

That next day I met this wonderful person,
She said her name was Joy,
And her name fits her well because,
She is filled with abundant joy.

My houseparents have taught me a lot,
They point out my errors and mistakes,
I know John and Emily love me a lot,
And want for me whatever God makes.

Me and my housemates have been through a lot,
And I have made my share of mistakes,
But because I have been through it with them,
They are valuable to me and I love them a lot.

My hope by the end of this journey I’m on,
Is that I will be an eagle that is soaring,
And that after this me and God can be one,
And that people can see that Eagle Ranch is anything but boring.

Whatever mountain you are climbing,
Just keep on till the end,
For God, our houseparents, PAs, and parents,
Are so waiting for God’s perfect timing.

Believe me when I say that,
I am still going through my stuff,
Never doubt that you’re going to lose hope,
And that it’s never going to get rough.

God wants to work in that stone cold heart,
And hammer away like He did to me,
But you have to do your own part,
And completely open your eyes to see.

I think that God has a plan and a way,
That He is going to change you in,
You just have to let Him stay,
To wash white that pain and sin.

Thank you for letting me share,
My few words and thoughts,
I really, really care,
About this Ranch, the place of dreams,
And where the soaring eagles can fly.

You can support Jillian and other girls and boys at Eagle Ranch through giving, volunteering and so much more. For more information, click here.