Honor and Memorial 2021


There’s a tendency to picture counseling sessions as a counselor and a child or a family in the confines of four walls in an office building. While that is true some of the time, there are so many creative ways to help a child and his or her family work through difficult issues.

Sometimes a walk around our 315-acre property, sitting in the pavilion by the lake, shooting a basketball, or even doing chores can provide windows of opportunity to listen and speak into a child’s confusion, trauma or other life circumstances that have necessitated them being here at Eagle Ranch.

And then, there is equine therapy. What an incredible tool this has been for our children as they interact with horses in such a way that breaks down emotional barriers that have kept them from moving into their promising futures.

In this newsletter, you will get an up-close view of the impact equine therapy is having on our children and, in many cases, their families. I hope you enjoy the insights of how this counseling initiative has become so important in the healing process.