Holiday 2021


Wishes from our children this holiday season:

Reuniting Family • Gavin, 12
“If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be to see my family reunited again. There would be more people around. Christmas would be a lot more crowded, with happiness running through the air. We could have new experiences and have family trips. I would have memories of us having fun and doing cheerful and joyful family things. We would have each other’s backs, protecting each other like a shield because we care for each other.”

Closer Relationships • Christian, 15
“If I was granted one Christmas wish, I wish I was closer to my family and could talk to them about anything. I wish we could do fun activities as a family. I just wish everyone in my family could be united. Eagle Ranch has helped me so much by making me realize stuff about myself I didn’t even know and has also helped with my family situation. We are slowly getting to that united point. I will use my experience at Eagle Ranch to my advantage to succeed in life.”

Growing Confidence • Faith, 13
“All I really want for Christmas is to feel good about myself. I want to have a positive attitude, no worries and feel confident about myself. I want to be able to be a leader. I want to be able to have people look up to me and understand where I am coming from as a person.”

Having Dad Around • Cam, 13
“If I could have one wish, I would wish for my dad to move in with me. One reason is so he can help with needs at home. My dad could help clean the house and take out the trash, so it is a lot easier for us to clean and do the chores. Plus, it would a lot of fun to have him in the house. I would love to have more people in our house so there is more connection with family.”

A Day with Mom • Audrey, 12
“I really wish that I could just have a day with my mom. I want to have good bonding time, laughing and having fun. I want to ride around and blast some music. I want to go get our nails done, and then I really want to go to a restaurant to hang out. I want to ride around some more and look at Christmas lights. Then, after all that stuff, I want to go grab a peppermint milkshake from Chick-fil-A. I hope that she and I can share things that we are not always comfortable sharing. We could have a fun night and go home and just have this little secret we keep with each other.”

Reaching Graduation • Hannah, 16
“If I was granted a Christmas wish, it would be to graduate from Eagle Ranch because it would make me proud of myself. Part of graduating the Ranch includes my family, which would include me getting closer with my mom and having the whole family get along with each other better. I want to have a good and normal life, which includes being a good student in school and have a job, like most kids my age. I want people to look at me differently than they used too – I want them to look at me as I am now.”

Resolving Conflict • Jayden, 14
“If I could have a Christmas wish, it would be to get along. I want to just have fun playing football. My family could have fun parties, make cakes and cookies, have a mess in the kitchen with batter and dough on the floor. We can all work together to pick everything up and just have a blast. We could make a cake for my grandma and surprise her when she thinks we are just going for her food, but then we make her a cake.”


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