Holiday 2020


As we come to the close of a challenging year, I’m encouraged by the fortitude of our staff and their flexibility in an ever-changing environment.

Back in March, my hope was that we would come out of this time stronger than when we went into it. I can say that we as a staff have grown both individually and corporately in these past few months as have the boys and girls entrusted to our care.

This growth did not occur through happenstance, but through the power of God’s spirit. It’s so easy when we come out of difficult times to look back and think, “Look what I did. Look what I accomplished.” For sure, it takes hard work and perseverance on our part, but that alone would not have been sufficient for the results we saw on so many fronts during this time.

I’ve always believed that remembrance is the key to faith. As we look forward to the days and months ahead, we look back to God’s provision in the past and that gives us hope for the future.

Thank you for standing with us during this time. It’s encouraged us on our journey to make Eagle Ranch all it can be for children and their families.