Success Stories

The lack of stability and structure in Gavin’s life, in conjunction with broken family relationships, left Gavin facing a whirlwind of emotions he was unable to process. The result? Gavin reacted in anger toward his peers, teachers, and those closest to him—especially his mother.

“My dad has been absent from my life for a while now; we don’t have a relationship anymore. My mom works multiple jobs to keep our home. Before I came to Eagle Ranch, I was really angry,” reflected Gavin. “I was always fighting in school, then would come home and get into yelling matches with my mom. I was failing all my classes. Things were hard.”

Coming to Eagle Ranch nearly two years ago, Gavin moved into the Faith Home. Having lived with only his mother for such a long time, moving into a home with Houseparents, Cole and Tess, felt unfamiliar.

Over time, Gavin’s defensive walls began to come down as relationships began to form. On a typical day, Cole can be found leading the boys through passages of Scripture or outside building a treehouse. Tess provides nurture, encouragement and love in the day-to-day.

“I love my Houseparents. I feel like they have made me a part of their family. They both love me, support me and encourage me and have done that the entire time I’ve been here.

“Mr. Cole has taught me so much about God and lets me ask him hard questions,” Gavin mentioned. “Mrs. Tess is like a second mom to me.”

Gavin’s relationship with his Houseparents has played a key role in his success so far in the program. He discovered a place of safety, support and fun, which ultimately helped establish a foundation of trust in various areas of his life.

“My relationship with my Houseparents is strong. I trust them,” said Gavin. “I can sit down and talk with them about how I’m feeling and know that they will truly listen and respond. They hold me accountable, but I know that they do it because that is what’s best for me.”

Throughout his time at Eagle Ranch, Gavin has learned how to improve his relationship with his own mother and siblings, regulate his emotions, control his temper, and most of all, he has grown in his faith in Christ.

Gavin and his mom have grown immensely during their time in the program and are working toward graduation.