Fall Newsletter


As my family and I continue to settle into our new lives here, the concept of “home” continues to stick out in my mind. What makes us long for a sense of home? What allows us to truly feel at home? For our family, we already feel such a strong sense of home here at Eagle Ranch. In large part, I believe this is due to the rich relationships we enjoy as part of this strong community.

A significant theme in the Bible is one of a promised land, which gives us the peace of knowing we are created and destined to eventually arrive at our true home and find rest.

Here at Eagle Ranch, we strive to offer children the “gift of home” while on their healing and growth journey. As the Lord extends the warmth and grace of His hospitality to us, so we offer this to the children He brings into our care. In this newsletter, you’ll hear some encouraging stories about how God uses the gift of homelife here at Eagle Ranch, not only to transform the children who live here, but also inspire their families to step into a stronger sense of home in their own lives.

Blessings to each of you and thank you for your continued support of our mission to give the gift of home.