Fall 2020


Our goal at Eagle Ranch is to sow good seeds into the lives of the children entrusted to our care and pray for the harvest. Our hope is that the harvest in our boys’ and girls’ lives will be plentiful.

Sometimes we are privileged to see the fruit of our labor in the near term, and there have been times when we wonder if there will be much fruit at all. However, our responsibility is to continue to be faithful, sowing seeds in the lives of those God has brought our way.

I think about Peter in the New Testament and how many “false starts” he had with Jesus. But Jesus never gave up on him and continued to invest in a short-tempered, flawed apostle until Peter became one of the greatest leaders the church has ever known.
What a great example and encouragement to us to never give up, knowing that one act of kindness, a word of encouragement, or even a challenging instruction can reset the trajectory of another person’s life.

And in my 35 years here, I have heard from so many of those boys and girls who are now adults telling me, “I could never get away from what I was taught at Eagle Ranch (and I tried!), and it has changed my life.”

We are grateful for you standing with us as we continue to sow seeds that will impact many future generations.