Success Stories

The Eagle Ranch Grade Level Transition Program provides students who have failed the sixth or seventh grade during the previous year an opportunity to advance to the next grade level after the first 9 weeks of the following school year.

Erick, 14, didn’t like school. It was boring to him, and he didn’t care that he was failing. His attitude changed when he arrived at Eagle Ranch School. “I like that I get a lot
more help here,” he said.

Students must take the initiative to be accepted into the program by completing an application and getting it signed by their parent or guardian. They also must meet weekly to review goals and progress with Director of Education and School Principal Jon DeWaal.

Students are required to maintain a grade level average based on their abilities. At the end of the first 9 weeks of the school year, those students who maintain the required averages in all academic classes will be immediately promoted to the next grade level for the remainder of the year.

Erick seems up to the challenge. “If I see I’m failing anything, I’m going to work hard to bring it up. I should get to 8th grade soon.”