Elvin and Janet Price

Success Stories

As a young teen, Elvin Price figured he’d made it big time when he landed a job sweeping floors in an apparel manufacturer for less than $1 an hour. His duties grew to equipment maintenance, which led to a traveling service job.

Through these experiences, he saw a need for improved efficiency and production. So, he spent evenings at home in his basement making modifications to equipment. Thus began a journey that led to the founding of Atlanta Attachment, a global manufacturing supplier.

Today, Elvin is retired and most of the company has been sold, but he just can’t shake the urge to fulfill a need. That is a fortunate thing for Eagle Ranch.

Elvin’s support for Eagle Ranch first came in the early 1980s. He had a pickup truck he was going to sell, and recalled reading an article about Eagle Ranch. He thought perhaps he could donate it to the Ranch.

“I called Eddie, and he said he didn’t have anywhere to put the truck,” Elvin recalled. “He then told me about how he was trying to buy the land for the Ranch and was on a deadline to raise the rest of the money needed.” Elvin stepped in and filled the gap, a role he’s continued for more than 30 years through serving on Eagle Ranch’s Advisory Board, seeing opportunities and meeting needs.

Elvin isn’t big on recognition, noting “I prefer to stay behind the scenes.” In fact, it took a little convincing for him to share his story. Just like the parts that keep a piece of equipment running, Elvin mostly gives to the not-so-visible needs that support the Ranch’s day-to-day operations.

Over the years, Elvin’s wife, Janet, and six adult sons have joined his support of the Ranch. Most recently, the Price family helped fund expansion of the counseling department space to help ensure there is enough room for the growing number of children and families the Ranch serves.

“We want our children to be involved with worthwhile charities,” Elvin said. “Eagle Ranch serves kids and their families with dignity. Everything is top notch from the staff to the grounds and architecture. I know that our contributions are being put to good use.”

He’s now looking forward to investing in the Ranch well into the future through a gift in his will to support future long-term needs. “I like to give the type of gifts that will keep on giving.”