Guidelines for Limiting Screen Time

Family Resources

Eagle Ranch Director of Spiritual Life Andy Nelson discusses helpful guidelines for parents looking for advice on screen time limits for children and teens.

Andy’s Technology Top Ten:

  1. Technology is not destructive, how we use it can be. Warn your your child of the dangers, but don’t forget the numerous benefits.
  2. Never allow internet devices in a child’s room unsupervised.
  3. There are no secrets on their phone.
  4. The choice consequence model applies digitally as well.
  5. Do your research and make sure you fully understand the apps and websites your children are using.
  6. Get support. Talk about technology and parenting with others.
  7. Be lovingly compassionate when they make mistakes.
  8. Have a filter or internet monitoring system on your home wifi.
  9. Create clear guidelines around social media and hold them to it.
  10. Pray.