Grace for Healing

Success Stories

When David Cauthen came to Eagle Ranch in 2004, he struggled with anger, frustration and managing his emotions. When he walked through the doors of the Grace Home, he didn’t realize how much grace would play a role in his healing journey.

“I had a people problem. I didn’t get along with people very easily, especially if they didn’t act or think like I did,” David recalled. “I got angry quickly, but bottle things up and then eventually blow up.”

Fully expecting to receive harsh reprimands for his outbursts, David was surprised when his houseparents, Beth and Johnny Keen, responded with patience and understanding.

“My houseparents were willing to understand me and how I dealt with my anger. They allowed me to work through it,” David said. “They always pushed me to be better and learn different ways to cope with my anger. I learned to regulate my emotions and learned not only how to deal with my anger, but how to manage it.”

Seeing people respond to anger in a loving way was a revelation that changed his perspective.

“The program is fantastic because it’s not just one staff member that makes a difference. Every single person works together as a whole to help,” he said. “Eagle Ranch did things in a loving way and that really made a difference for me.”

David responded well to the encouragement he received while at the Ranch and used it to build a successful career and family.

“If I never had Eagle Ranch, I wouldn’t be married or have children, and I probably wouldn’t be able to hold a steady job.”

Today, David understands his emotions and how to channel them into positive outcomes. The grace he was shown he now shows to others.