Christian's Story

Success Stories

For the almost eight months that I have been at Eagle Ranch, I have been living in the Love Home. My houseparents are Doug and Teresa Smith, and my assistant counselor is Taylor Collins. The experience that I had when I came into the home was a good one.

I was greeted by my housemom, Mrs. Teresa, who showed me my room. I realized I would be sharing the home with three other boys I didn’t know. I quickly adjusted and learned the rules of the house. I also learned that Mrs. Teresa liked her house clean. I struggled with having to clean up after myself and having to do my own laundry— things I had never really had to do before. I learned that when I don’t clean up after myself, it affects other people, and I am still working to get better at this.

The choice/consequence model has helped me a lot in learning how to better manage myself. Because of this, my relationships are getting better. I notice a change when spending time with my brother during my weekends and holidays with my family.

-Christian, 14, The Love Home