Celebration 2018


Every May, Eagle Ranch celebrates the graduation of children and their families from our program. I was privileged to attend the ceremonies that honored each graduate.

Perseverance was a major theme. Each graduate was described as having pushed through hard times when they really wanted to quit. Each of these families was prepared to go to battle to make their lives better.

One single mother created a motto for her and her son: “Whatever it takes.” Years of struggles and doing whatever it took led them to Eagle Ranch. To hear this young man join his mom in ownership of this motto, and thank her for fighting for him until he could fight for himself, was so encouraging.

Our staff works hard to help boys and girls persevere and build resilience through the Eagle Ranch program. But what I found particularly profound were the stories of children helping each other get through tough times. As families got acquainted through parent groups, they also helped each other through their common struggles. It’s a human tendency to isolate in pain, but a community of love like Eagle Ranch can be a wonderful tool for healing