Success Stories

Update on 2018 Eagle Ranch Graduate Armani Hale

Even though he’s an ensign in the U.S. Navy, Armani Hale has set his sights skyward. The Aviation Operator is wrapping up his current assignment in Virginia and soon will be stationed in Japan. Just a few short years ago, his dreams seemed a world away.

“Before the Ranch, life was pretty bad. If I would have messed up again, I would have had another court case and either gone to juvenile detention or on probation,” said Armani. “If it wasn’t for the Ranch, I don’t know where I would be.”

After facing major tragedy in his life, Armani struggled with anger issues and lashing out at others. He would shut down when faced with anything difficult, shutting out his mom and those he cared about.

Now, Armani will talk things out with his mom. He will call her and talk through a situation and express how he is feeling about it. Armani loves people, cars, his family and his country.

After leaving the Ranch, Armani graduated high school. Mechanically inclined, he thought he’d pursue working on cars, but after his brother joined the Navy, he realized that might be a path for him as well.

Eagle Ranch stepped in and partnered with Armani once again, this time to link him with a tutor to prepare for his ASVAB exam. After much preparation mentally and physically, Armani passed his exam, went on to bootcamp, and stepped into the next part of his story.

“Armani is doing very well. He tried many jobs after graduating the program, but he wanted more out of life. Making the decision to go into the Navy was big for him; Armani never gave up and kept pushing forward,” said Val, Armani’s mom. “I am very proud of my son.”

Serving as an Aviation Operator, Armani helps build materials for planes and makes sure everything is correct and up to standard before being loaded
onto planes.

“It’s amazing to look back and see where we’ve been to where we are now,” said Val. “This is what you want as a parent, to see your kids succeed and have accomplishments for themselves. It has been amazing to watch Armani grow as a young man.”