Success Stories

When Arianne Hernandez first came to Eagle Ranch, she thought her world had stopped. Separated from her phone, her family, friends and the multitude of activities she was accustomed to, she had no idea what would fill her days.

“One of my favorite things at the Ranch was when my houseparents took me and the girls I lived with out-side at night to look at the stars,” she recalled. “It was so quiet and dark, and the stars were so bright. I loved that I could just be present.”

Growing up in a large blended family that included living with siblings, step-siblings and a cousin, Arianne was always surrounded by busyness, often feeling lost in the shuffle.

“During my time at the Ranch, I started to grow accustomed to being away from distractions,” Arianne said. “It was a great time to focus on what I was going through and understand how to manage my anxiety and ADD.”

Arianne appreciated the structure Eagle Ranch provided, and she learned how to establish a routine that gave her days predictability and purpose. She was able to take those lessons and apply them when she returned home. Structure and routine continue to contribute to her success balancing work and college studies.

Today, Arianne is a student at the University of North Georgia and works in marketing with the Main Street Market in Gainesville.