An Evening to Remember

Success Stories

A few months after accepting Christ, Dylan expressed his desire to be baptized. When asked where he would like to do it, he requested the lake at Eagle Ranch. Throughout the year, children can be found fishing and canoeing all around the 10-acre lake. But tonight, the scene looked a little different.

Normally a loud, animated kid, tonight Dylan was still, contemplative and calm. Surrounded by his mother, grandparents and Eagle Ranch staff members, this was a moment to remember.

“After my grandfather passed away, I started believing in Christ even more,” said Dylan. “I started reading my bible to figure out answers to questions I didn’t even know. I started believing He was there all the time, helping me whenever I needed it.”

Prior to entering the water, Dylan shared his testimony. Family members and Eagle Ranch staff spoke words of affirmation and encouragement to Dylan at his decision to make a public declaration of faith—each word resounding in the air. A powerful time of prayer closed out the evening.

“During the night of my baptism, I was thinking a lot about my grandpa and my mom because they both got baptized around my age too. I was thinking about my whole family and how I wanted the rest of my life to look like—to do well in school, to get a job where I can support myself, to have a family, to do well financially and emotionally.”

Dylan and his family are continuing to work through the Eagle Ranch program, making progress toward their individual and family goals.

Just as Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith, He is at the foundation of the Eagle Ranch mission and encompasses every aspect of it. Children at Eagle Ranch who choose to be baptized can choose to have this done at their home church or at the Ranch.