2018-2019 Graduates

Success Stories

Winter Graduates

“I want to thank everyone for sticking with me from the time I got to Eagle Ranch. I’m thankful to everyone who played a part in my success here. I love all you guys; you guys are like my second family. I will never forget any of you.”
Dillon H., 14, The Hope Home

“Since I’ve been at Eagle Ranch, life is so much better. I have better grades. Everything is better. It didn’t happen all at once. I’ve also started praying every night. I see everyone here and the struggles they were having and I would put myself in their situation in my mind and pray for them. I also pray for my family and for myself.”
Hunter, 15, The Grace Home

“Life now is a lot better. I’ve learned how to deal with my anger. There is a lot less fighting, and I’m actually passing in school. I’ve gotten rid of the bad friends I used to hang out with. My mom and I are getting along better. At this rate, I think I will actually get through high school.”
Jacob, 16, The Grace Home

Spring Graduates

“I related to the kids here more than my childhood friends, because we had the same problems: bad relationships with parents, anger issues, failing out of school. Most of my childhood friends never really had those problems. They had married parents. They weren’t failing school. They’ve never had anger issues. I could never really relate to that, but the kids here, I could relate to easily. During my time here, my relationship with my dad grew a lot. Things got a lot calmer with my family, and we learned how to communicate.”
Ethan B., 17, The Joy Home

“I learned to manage my anger and be calmer in certain situations. The teachers and staff really helped me. I also learned how to play basketball and got pretty good. I hope to be able to join my school’s basketball team.”
Ethan M., 14, The Grace Home

“Since I’ve been at Eagle Ranch I’ve learned how to control my anger, how to talk about how I’m feeling and how to respect people. I really appreciated everyone helping me learn who I am and the man that I’m going to become.”
Portland, 16, The Peace Home

“I learned a lot from the different people here, from my houseparents to the other guys in my home. I saw things I admired, and I took after those things. I appreciated everyone’s encouragement. I learned to not run away from help.”
Tre’Von, 16, The Peace Home