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Referring Professionals

Often families are involved with multiple professionals in the community as they seek help. We believe that good communication and a working relationship between schools and community partners is essential in providing the best direction and care for a family.

We help families experiencing conflict resulting from tragic life events: death, divorce, absent parent, parental and/or marital issues, family addiction, problems in communication, broken relationships, depression, anxiety, continued disrespect, defiance, trouble in school, outbursts and anger. We often have families who have pursued their church, child’s school, doctors and/or outpatient counselor for help without much success.

We invite you to browse our website or call 770.967.8500 for more information .

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Eagle Ranch boys and girls come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. We partner with their families to help them navigate through whatever crisis they may be facing. Learn how children and their families find hope and renewal at Eagle Ranch. See all Testimonials

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