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homelifeEagle Ranch is dedicated to modeling a Christ-centered family for the children entrusted to us. A committed Christian couple lives in each of the homes with the boys or girls providing the love and structure that they need. And while children may live at Eagle Ranch from elementary through high school, the program is structured to motivate them toward returning home as soon as possible. The average stay is about eighteen months to two years.

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Meals are cooked in the homes to facilitate a family-type atmosphere. The houseparents and the children in their home participate in family activities such as daily devotions, regular worship services, weekend recreational activities and summer vacations. Our houseparent couples’ average tenure is four years – giving exceptional coherence and stability to the Ranch program and our children.

The children’s parents (or legal guardians such as grandparents) play an integral role in the Eagle Ranch program. Our Ranch children go home every other weekend and for holiday and school vacations. Our program is geared to promote and encourage healing in all family relationships by helping family members learn new communication skills.

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