Eagle Ranch School Mission Statement

Through the healing presence of Christ, Eagle Ranch School offers students the opportunity to fulfill their academic promise. Through encouragement, meaningful relationships and quality instruction, students are empowered to make positive choices and experience present and future success.

Encouragement, Relationships, Choices,  Success

Vision Statement

Eagle Ranch School (ERS) is a safe and supportive environment that provides opportunities for success through challenging and individualized instruction. Students experience an atmosphere of hope, respect, encouragement, and belonging that allows them to risk and grow as they take responsibility for their academic achievement and future success. ERS staff are devoted to Christ and operate from a biblical framework, so that through Christ, students can be equipped to fulfill God’s promise for their lives.

Meet  Eagle  Ranch  School  Staff

Donna Patrick

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Amanda Valentine

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Amy Henderson

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Mark Pruitt

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Richie Richards

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Jennifer Wharton

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