Eagle Ranch Day School

Is your student struggling at school? Could your family relationships be better? Eagle Ranch can help.

For Students

Students in grades 4-5 will attend Eagle Ranch School, a SACS-accredited Special Purpose School located on the campus of Eagle Ranch at 5500 Union Church Road in Flowery Branch. This is a therapeutic learning environment that is ideal for children who have struggled in school. Special features of our school include:

  • Promotion of Christian principles
  • Small class size of no more than 10 students per class staffed by a certified teacher and a paraprofessional
  • Individual learning assistance
  • Adaptive curriculum meeting the students at their point of academic and behavioral needs
  • On-site counseling support with a Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Structured choice-based environment that encourages student success towards academic and behavioral goals
  • Academic programs that boost fundamental skills in reading, language arts and math
  • Special exploratory classes that allow students to learn new skills (such as woodworking, horsemanship, cooking, art and more)
  • Caring and welcoming staff who demonstrate patience and genuine interest in students
  • Comfortable school facility using advanced learning technology
  • Outdoor learning and activities in a beautiful nature-filled setting
  • Field trips and fun activities

For Families

Families will participate in Eagle Ranch’s Family Renewal programming, to help them work through struggles at home and increase relational skills in the family. Families will benefit from:

  • Family counseling sessions with a dedicated Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Participation in a parent support group facilitated by a Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Attendance at Family Insight Nights to gain education and insight to improve family relationships
  • Ongoing access to information on student’s academic and behavioral progress

Is My Family Eligible?

The Eagle Ranch Day Student Program is available to families of all income levels. Our affordable tuition is scaled based on each family’s financial considerations, and all families receive varying degrees of tuition scholarship.

Eagle Ranch is accepting applications for families with children entering grades 4-5 in the 2023-24 school year who are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Students struggling behaviorally, academically and/or emotionally
  • Students who don’t want to attend school
  • Students with difficulties in peer-to-peer relationships
  • Students who feel socially awkward, or feel like they “don’t fit in” with other students
  • A stressful home environment and tension among family members
  • Families who need more tools to support their child’s success
  • Families looking to connect with others going through the same parenting struggles
  • Families who need support balancing difficulties in life with parenting

Because the 2023-24 academic year is a pilot year, limited openings are available. Families are encouraged to inquire as early as possible. Once all openings are filled, families will be put on a list for future consideration.


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