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From the moment a child enters the Eagle Ranch program, a professional counselor begins to implement a treatment program geared to the special needs of that child and his or her family. Our counselors meet regularly with the children and family members in individual and group sessions throughout the child’s stay at the Ranch.

Our staff of counselors provides individual, group and family counseling. Counselors work in partnership with houseparents, teachers and the child’s family to ensure that the plan established for each child and his or her family is consistently followed.

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Our goal in counseling is to identify the negative behavior patterns being exhibited in the family and help each family member learn new ways of relating to each other. We also provide monthly parent support groups to give the parents or primary guardian(s) of our children a network of support and accountability.

In addition to traditional counseling services, the Ranch offers a therapeutic equine program for our boys and girls and play therapy for our younger children.

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